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Bio of Jim Frazier

The Department of Labor says that the average US worker will change careers 3 to 5 times in their lifetime.  Jim Frazier is right on track at number four.

After graduating from DePaul University with a degree in Accounting and a CPA, Jim worked in accounting and financial management positions for a wide variety of industries including retail, manufacturing and  non-profit (Career 1). He's also done his fair share of sales (Career 2) and consulting (Career 3).  But, since 1998, he has been a professional speaker and trainer, which is really where he's happiest (Career 4).    

For over a decade, Jim presented technical workshops for National Seminars Group and Padgett-Thompson on accounting topics, particularly Sales and Use Taxes.  

Now, Jim Frazier is president of Take Charge Seminars, a training company specializing in seminars, webinars and publishing on sales and use.  He started The Sales Tax Guy in 2005, which, at the time, was one of the only sales tax blogs in the world.Jim Frazier is a popular and enthusiastic speaker to both technical and non-technical audiences about taxes and accounting.