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I was very happy with this class. The time went very fast but was packed with useful information. I was mainly here for use tax and found the presentation well rounded.

M. Mitchell

Very well organized with engaging presenation and tons of great and relevant information. jim made very complex information easy to understand and made use of real life examples to help provide clarity for all participants.

S. Westen

Jim was very informative and engaging! He is very knowledgeable about the tax information in all states. He's an awesome trainer!

M. Wilson
Inventory Control

I have attended sales and use tax seminars in the past and thought they were somewhat boring. I enjoyed Jim's seminar because he used different slides and a LOT of examples. He broke down definitions very well. I truly enjoyed this seminar! This guy really knows his stuff.

C. Clark

Jim brought a light-heartedness to the class that kept it very informative and interesting

S. Scarlette
Acccounting Manager

The trainer was fabulous! Jm was great. He took a boring subject and made it an interesting and very enjoyable and informative seminar.

L. Sweeney
Administrative Manager

As exciting as sale and use tax can be. The speaker was enthusiastic, well informed, well prepared and organized.

J. Bartels

Educational. Instructor held my interest throughout the seminar. Thankful I was able to attend. Recommend the instructor to anyone interested in learning about PA taxes. You will have a clearer understanding in regards to PA taxes.
M. McAtee

For what is typically a boring subject, Jim made it interesting and brought to light many pieces of information virtually unknown.
J. Pick
Administrative Assistant

Jim conducted an interesting seminar on a boring subject. He is quite knowledgeable, very personable, a very good teacher. I clearly understand the subject that was completely foreign to me prior to the training. Jim uses some great tactics and jokes to keep training interesting.
T. Cahill

The instructor was very informative and I would definitely take him again.
G. McKellar