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Our of our webinars and seminars are done by professional trainers, not just lawyers and accountants. We know how to illustrate the concepts and keep the programs engaging and, dare we say, fun.

Our programs are ideal for professionals from accounts payable, accounting, purchasing, operations, sales, and executive management. And we cover both sides of your business from purchasing to AP to marketing to sales and delivery.

Golden Rules of Sales and Use Taxes - The Basics (60 to 70 minutes)
Sales and Use Tax Rules and Policies by State (60 to 70 minutes)
Sales and Use Tax Nexus and Drop Shipments (60 to 70 minutes)
Best Practices for Sales and Use Taxes (60 to 70 minutes)

Here is a schedule of upcoming webinars

We can custom schedule a webinar for you.

We can also do a private, in-person, onsite seminar for your organization.