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This multi-state seminar covers the basics. In just one hour, we'll review the fundamental structure of how sales and use tax works - the Golden Rules. While it won't be a prerequisite, it is a very good basis for any other training that you take.  

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Here are the topics we'll be covering:

How sales tax is a tax on the transaction, but use tax is a tax on the use of what was purchased in the transaction. We'll also explain how the two taxes interrelate.

The four loopholes explaining why use tax was invented

What does "use" mean?

The reason there are so many exceptions to sales and use tax laws. And how to deal with the complexity of sales and use tax laws.

The major exceptions to the rule of taxability

The lumping rule

Taxable sales explained

    Including sales of service
    Definition of tangible personal property
    Definition of a retailer
    Occasional sales

Two fundamental types of sales and how their taxability varies enormously

    Intrastate sales
    Interstate sales

Why you may have to worry about use taxes in more than one state

How to tell what state has jurisdiction over a transaction

Why you have to worry about nexus