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In our other programs, we explain the different elements of sales and use taxes and the things that will get you in trouble.  In this multi-state webinar, we give you some of the best ways of doing it right.  You'll discover ways to immediately avoid unnecessary taxes, avoid future assessments and penalties, and minimize the terror of the sales tax audit.

Please note that, while not a prerequisite, we do recommend our Golden Rules of Sales and Use Taxes webinar, particularly if sales taxes are new to you.

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Here are the topics we'll be covering:

What to do when your in-state vendor fails to charge you sales tax

    Making sure you don't double pay the tax

    How do you know the vendor hasn't already paid the tax?

    Are you sure the purchase is really taxable?

    Why you NEVER add unbilled sales tax to the payment

What to do when an out-of-state vendor charges you tax

    Making sure you pay the correct tax

    How to determine what state has jurisdiction

Showing sales tax reviews on the invoice

Why AP may be doing Purchasing's job

Determining the taxability of your sales and your purchases

Exemption Certificates

    Making sure you're ready for an audit

    Accepting certificcates in good faith

Doing your sales and use tax research

    Sources of the law

    Reliable resources

    Always get it in writing

Why policies and procedures are critical to making the audit go smoothly

Sales and use tax audits

    What to do with the auditor

    Reverse audits