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In this multi-state program, we'll discuss the meaning of nexus, how your company acquires it, and how to deal with it.  We'll also discuss a closely related subject, drop shipments.

Please note that, while not a prerequisite, we do recommend our Golden Rules of Sales and Use Taxes webinar, particularly if sales taxes are new to you.

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Here are the topics we'll be covering:

What IS nexus?

Your responsibilities when you have nexus

The factors that may give you nexus




Applying those factors to real world situations

    Sales reps

    Delivery and installation

    Warehouses and offices

    Subsidiaries and affiliates



How weird and agressive some states will get

Federal remote sales legislation

How you get caught

Registrations pitfalls and solutions

Drop shipments

    Dropships and the sales and use tax implications

    Why the vendor insists you have a resale certificate for a state you're not even in

    How YOU can get in trouble if you're the vendor

    How YOU may be paying more taxes than necessary on what you buy

    How receiving drop shipments may result in the double payment of taxes!